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Near the corner of Zhukovskogo, European cuisineThis fine dining restaurant is in light yellow pastels and is tasteful decorated. The service is excellent.
Address: Aleksandrovsky Ave. 10
Tel: 22-22-12, 24-71-97

The atmosphere is very pleasant here, you will enjoy home comfort and coziness and of course will have a chance to try the exquisite cuisine for those who know the difference. Dinner - 40 grn.
Address: Ekaterininskaya, 14 (Deribasovskaya corner)
Tel: 25-34-38

Address: Grecheskaya str 5
Tel: 734-11-11
«BUFFALO 99» sports cafe

Sports cafe with the traditional sports bar interior of televisions, posters, jerseys, and sports paraphernalia, this is a favorite ex-pat hang-out. Though fairly expensive, the menu is also reminiscent of American sports theme restaurants and includes old favorites such as nachos, hamburgers, and spicy buffalo wings. Although the food is good, the true star is the brownie sundae, which is simply irresistible. Strictly for the ladies, the women's bathroom, labeled "Stefi Graff", features a cartoon that is also worth a glance.
Address: Rishelievskaya str 7
Tel: 34-83-99
Buffalo 99

The restaurant has a casino, live music. In the summer a bandstand is set up and jugglers, comedians, and dancers entertain patrons and passers-by on Primorsky boulevard. The food is good, but overpriced.
Address: Primorskiy boulevard
Tel: 777-0339

Excellent food, Ukrainian and Mediterranean cuisine, specialty of the place being meat dishes which are prepared in the presence of a customer. По вечерам играют лучшие одесские музыканты.
Address: City Garden
Tel: 741-33-31

В ресторане представлена европейская кухня, средиземноморская, одесская а так же имеется суши-бар.Из окон ресторана просматривается Оперный театр, а так же центр старой Одессы.
Address: Deribasovskaya, 21
Tel: 36-25-26

Chelentano is a fast food pizza restaurant with hip posters and decorating with bar stools at raised tables. Customers order at the counter, paying a base price for the pizza and then paying extra for any toppings. The salads at Chelentano are excellent, and the pizza is by far better and cheaper than Pan pizza.
Address: Sadovaya 19
Tel: 37-71-65
«COWBOY» Saloon

Bar. European cuisine. Dinner 50 grn.
Address: Grecheskaya str, 32
Tel: 714-40-77

Eclectic interior (old records, airplane propeller, motorcycle yet with marine colors. European cuisine with unique Odessa coloring. Ukrainian European BBQ, You know the atmosphere of this roadhouse style restaurant will be lively and unique when first walking into this restaurant. Dozens of telephone receivers dangle from the roof and a large plastic shark greets you. This funky interior also has motorcycles, old planes and helicopters. A unique music stage is elevated and behind the main bar. In addition to Ukrainian and European food, the restaurant has barbecued specialties. Dinner 80 grn.
Address: Troitskaya str, 50
Tel: 8-0482-37-75-74

Mexican food. 100 Meters from the Potyomkin Steps, Estrellita is far and away the best Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant in town — if not in the country. Their salads, soups, burritos, and creative main dishes are all excellent and the service is great. Soups, salads, quesadillas, and burritos cost 25-35 hr. The owner's nationality is revealed by an excellent American-style breakfast menu which is widely known by ex-pats as the best in Odessa and includes real maple syrup. Enjoy genuine margaritas, or maybe one of the wide selection of tequillas, local & imported beers, Georgian wines, or Cuban cigars from their full service bar. Estrellita is open 24 hours a day and there is live music most evenings.
Address: Yekaterininskaya, 1
Tel: 37-29-20 37-50-49
«FANKONI» restaurant-cafe

Quality European cuisine. Dinner - 50 grn.
Address: Yekaterininskaya str 8
Tel: 22-27-72

Mixed European cuisine. Beer restaurant in German style where every evening you can meet lots of young people. The dark tree, stone, muted light, massive wooden tables and benches with high seat-backs create an atmosphere of home cosines. This restaurant is for people who value European cuisine and good serving.
Address: Yekaterininskaya str 8/10
Tel: 714-47-74

Fish restaurant, European and Japanizes cuisine. Отличный дизайн интерьера, но обслуживание довольно среднее. Dinner - 100 grn.
Address: Gavannaya str 7
Tel: +38 (0482)33-00-36, 33-00-37

The restaurant is situated in resort zone, near Otrada beach, in the territory of Black Sea Yacht Club. You will be able to taste delicious fish cuisine both with delicacies and wines from the whole world in the cosy mess-room. You will be entertained by the magnificent fancy-dressed erotic show in the evening. There is a home cinema, karaoke and a big choice of DVD collection there.
Address: "Otrada" beach, yacht club
Tel: 7116808, 7227606

Beautiful metal and glass building with flower greenhouses on the first floor, European cuisine. Dinner - 100 grn.
Address: Preobrazhenskaya str 25
Tel: 729-48-59

It is one of the oldest beer bars in Odessa. This pub, opened in 1883, was described by Kuprin in the story of the same name. Nobody can't tell exactly how old the contemporary building housing this bar is. It is only known that when Kuprin lived it was situated in the house opposite the street. Later due to some reasons it moved. As before there are heavy oak barrels instead of tables and small kegs instead of chairs. If you are coming to Odessa - be certain to visit "Gambrinus". The air here is really filled with Odessa color and vividness. Traditional European cuisine, excellent beer. Live music every evening.
Address: Deribasovskaya str 31
Tel: 26-36-57

Just up the hill from the philharmonic theater, English cuisine. This beautiful restaurant goes to great length to look exactly like a wealthy English study, complete with a red English telephone booth outside (Although the illusion of being in England is slightly damaged when a visitor realizes it is a Ukrainian UTEL phone inside). Dinner - 150 grn.
Address: Bunina 21
Tel: 24-22-58, 34-74-01
Greenwich cafe

Resaurant-bar. European cuisine. Dinner - 55 grn.
Address: Deribasovskaya, 22
Tel: 26-15-69

Just off of Deribasovskaya, Hong Kong is one of the most authentic and affordable Chinese restaurants in the center of Odessa. Surprisingly, their tofu dishes are superb. The sweet and sour soup is also very good, though not quite what one might expect. Chinese restaurant. Highly efficient chef cooks specially invited for this purpose will offer the best dishes of 4 main directions of many thousand year old Chinese cookery art: Pekinese, Guandese, Tszyan-su and Shanghai.
Address: Gavannaya str.
Tel: (0482) 22-80-65, 25-03-95

American Irish Ukrainian cuisine, an encyclopedic menu offers everything from chicken curry to corn on the cob to fish'n chips. While most of the main dishes are expensive, the hamburgers and sandwiches are authentic and, at 14-19 hr., very affordable. At the Irish Pub, even the domestic beers are more expensive than usual, but it does offer the widest selection of beer and beverage imports.
Address: Deribasovskaya str. 13
Tel: 268-437

Across the street from the opera theater. Japanese and European cuisine. Excellent Japanese food. The cook prepares the food in front of the guests.
Address: Lanzheronovskaya str., 9
Tel: 26-98-06

This sea side restaurant is a real oasis of healthy food and spectacular natural surroundings and offers an unforgettable experience. Dine here on the summer terrace overlooking the Black Sea or near a cozy fireplace in the main hall, which is decorated in typical Ukrainian style. European and Ukrainian cuisine, 3 banquet rooms, summer ground, live music, parking. Dinner - 100-200 grn.
Address: Lanzheron beach
Tel: 735-38-73, 735-43-28

Walking into Kumanets is like entering a Ukrainian Disney World — without the rides and lines. Despite an effusion of stuffed chickens, the traditional atmosphere is very friendly and the service excellent. The food is fantastic, fairly inexpensive, and comes in mountainous portions. The red and green borsh come in bowls big enough to swim in and are probably the best available outside a Ukrainian kitchen. Soups, vareniky (dumplings), and deruny (potato pancakes) are all wonderful and cost around 10-15 hr. Reservations are Recommended for weekend nights. Dinner - 70 grn.
Address: Gavannaya str, 7
Tel: 37-69-46

The most delicious meat dishes, including deer, etc. Dinner - 70 grn.
Address: Yekaterininskaya str, 30
Tel: 724-22-93, 21-80-19

Just down the street from Soborna Park, this is a good family Italian restaurant with good pizza and a limited selection of pasta dishes. Mario's claim to fame is that they deliver pizza and soda to locations within the center. They also make a very good cold coffee frappaccino.
Address: Sadovaya 15
Tel: 777-00-00

Address: Ekaterininskaya, 4
Tel: 711-77-29
Mario's pizzeria

European cuisine. Located in the Mozart hotel (near the Opera House) the food usually takes long to cook but is excellent. Vegetarian meals are available. Dinner - 50-70 grn.
Address: Lanzheronovskaya str, 13
Tel: 37-89-00, 37-93-94
«PULCINELLA» restaurant

Pizza and Italian cuisine. The tiled decor of this restaurant is refreshingly light and airy. Though pizza is the specialty, Pulcinella also boasts a wide variety of pasta dishes, for around 25 hr., and main dishes for a little more. Try the delicious the Margarita-3. Some passionately argue that Pulcinella pizza is the best in town, while others are equally adamant about Zara's pizza. Both are worth a try. Beverages are a little more expensive than other restaurants and are mostly imported. For an extra hr. for the box, you can order pizza to go.
Address: Lanjzeronovskaya 17
Tel: 777-30-10, 777-30-11

European and Italian cuisine. Dinner - 80 grn.
Address: Ekaterininskaya, 23
Tel: 24-90-63, 724-01-25
Mario's pizzeria

European cuisine. Dinner - 80 grn.
Address: Marazlievskaya str.1 - Nakhimova str.
Tel: 715-0-222

The new kosher cafe " Rosmarin" is opened in Odessa. The kosher means to keep "Kashrut"- the codex of Jewish religion laws connected with cooking and it's using. There is no hint at some particularity in the interior of the bar. Mild, warm color spectrum built in combination of white and goldish colors. An elegant, comfortable furniture, striking outline of lightning equipment and fanciful compositions of acoustic system. On one of the walls there is a relief picture composed of the famous Jewish dish names: kudl, cholnt, cimes, humous, fish and etc. In one word the interior does not provoke any folk or thematic associations - it's usual, cosy, modern cafe with specialized kitchen equipment. Dinner - 50 grn.
Address: Malaya Arnautskaya str. 46a
Tel: 344-644, 347-313

Located right in the center of the center of Odessa, Steakhouse is a well-known and well-liked establishment. With English menus and rather expensive prices, it caters mostly to the expatriate and wealthy Ukrainian crowd. The main dishes are creative and tasty and the breakfast menu and buffet with free "American coffee" are also very good. The most unique trademark of Steakhouse is the wooden box, containing four kinds of sugar, chocolate, and cardamom seeds, that accompanies all coffee orders. Get a table near the windows and enjoy an afternoon cocktail or coffee and people-watch on Odessa main thoroughfare. Dinner - 80-100 grn.
Address: Deribasovskaya str, 20
Tel: 34-87-82

The new restaurant " Shalimar" was recently opened in the heart of Odessa to enjoy life with delight. Everybody who gets into this oasis of peace and prosperity is immediately charmed by the Asiatic highly concentrated luxury and comfort. It's always sunny in the "Shalimar". This place is designed for those who prefer to be lazy. It sounds rather natural: " I'm sitting in the "Shalimar" and doing nothing except enjoying life...." It's so easy here to forget about the commonness! When there are so many little beautiful things around you and instead of the ceiling there is a heavenly azure that you want to sprawl on the sofa among pillows and just to dream. These dreams are about the fantastical bends of sand-dunes in the desert, about the caravans and about the most beautiful fantastic oases... It is necessary to say that in this place there are all conditions for dreaming: lavish designed walls won't let your eyes be bored, mild lightning creates the feeling of warmth and there are special secluded corners for those who would like to seclude. Dinner - 60 grn.
Address: Grecheskaya str. 50
Tel: 8(048)777-47-47

Restourant "Vasilisa" is richly decorated with traditional russian style. Russian and European cuisine.
Address: Lanzheronovskaya str. 30
Tel: 8(048)322-377

Ukranska Lasunka is richly decorated with traditional Ukrainian items. A large windmill decorates the middle of the restaurant. The food is good but not great, and the service leaves a lot to be desired. If you want good authentic Ukrainian food, we recommend Kumanets.
Address: Deribasovskaya str, 17
Tel: 25-84-12

A fierce competitor for the title of "Best Pizza in Odessa", Zara's is one of Odessa newest restaurants. The atmosphere is very modern and chic, and it boasts the only bathroom with a television in Odessa and probably in Ukraine. Breakfast is served daily beginning at 9AM with American style coffee or Italian espresso, toast & eggs plus other special dishes. The pizza and pasta cost around 20-30 hr. The wine and beer is mostly imported and expensive, but the table wine is affordable and definitely worth trying. It is a light red wine made in an Odessa suburb from local grapes. It has a cool, fruity, and surprisingly refreshing taste.
Address: Rishelevskaya str, 5
Tel: 728-88-88
Zarra Pizzara
«ZHARYU-PARYU» city cafe

Self-service cafe, Ukrainian food. Very low prices.
Address: Grecheskaya, 45
Tel: 22-44-30

The harmonious combination of stylish Japanese interior with no less stylish Japanese cuisine.
Address: Deribasovskaya, 26
Tel: 35-66-00

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