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Рассказ Натальи Юраш - свидетеля событий на Куликовом Поле 2 мая 2014 года

The story of Natalya Yourash - the witness of the massacre in Odessa on May,2nd 2014

The tragedy that happened in Odessa on May, 2 did not leave anyone cold.

I want to tell you about these events as I am a witness of the tragedy that happened on Kulikovo Pole near so called Dom Profsoyusov (Trade Union House) My husband and me took active part in demonstrationы on Kulikovo Pole. We were not the active part of the actions but we often came to support the people, Odessa people there and express our opinions as to the Kiev events and in the country in general. We came to Kulikove on the day the tragedy happened. Me and my husband went to the meeting place on Kulikove Pole after we saw the stream of the fights in the center of Odessa and we came just 30 minutes before the first fire was set on the House of Trade Union. There was few people here just about 50 not more and most of them were people of 50 years old and more: old man and women, religious orthodox women with icons. There was also Artem, brother of Anton Davichenko (the activist who was put into jail for 2 months) and some Odessa deputies. But as I could see Artem was talking to someone on the phone and he said he was waiting for some instructions. First he told to make barricades. Of course, I understood it was stupid, as we could not make any defense against the crowd that could have come any minute.

So some people feeling something bad could happen left this place and so only few of us left. Then someone said to make a line of men and women and meet the crowd coming there. But when we made this kind of line we could see it is all in vain as so as there were few of us left. Then 2 women came and said that they would go to the monastery close to the station and the asked the priests to ring the bells so that to raise Odessa, so that as many people could hear that and come to protect us. But the priests said we need permission of our head. I also managed to give my documents to my son whom I had called and I told my son to leave this place feeling something bad. I felt it. We live in fear for several months and now always feel suspended. We remember how was people killed in Kiev, how was police guys got burnt… We feel it and know whose money are involved. But back to the narration: somebody told not to go to that building (trade union house) Such a command was made before when Artem was still talking with someone on the phone…

But there was such a mess and no coordination. Someone of the people in our camp started breaking the windows and breaking the entrance door. There was someone who gave the command. The door of the building was closed, as it was a rest-day. Then somebody told to go to the second floor and take the stones from the road (pieces of the road cover) to put them onto the windowsill so that the guys inside could defend themselves throwing them down. I could see also that there were some box with bottles there (but cannot say what could that be – Molotov’s cocktails or anything else) and there were also fire hoses already stretched. So we were told to stay at the second-third floor, not to go anywhere. There were quite a fuss and I was going down one more time for something to get into the building and I understood that probably could not get out of here as so as the entrance was blocked with barricades made of some tables, chairs and so on. There was such a fuss then that I felt that it was a trap here in the building especially when you do not know the building at all: no way out or in, nothing. By some intuition I understood I had to live and I understood that the building could be burnt. One of the doors was also blocked and chained with barbed wire. I was a little shocked. I understood that there could be no way out. I saw some guys from Pravyy sector running already to the building and last minute when I saw my husband standing down near parapet I managed to jump from it and my husband caught me. And you know when I was out already first that I saw that these guys threw Molotov cocktails to the front door cutting for the people inside the way out. Then they split and one group started to break windows on the 2nd floor and threw these cocktails there. I guess they knew where people are and as far as I remember someone told us: 2nd and 3d floor to stay and in that fuss I could not even remember who gave such an instruction, who said to go only to the second or 3third floor. These guys from Pravyy sector were good equipped and acted very planned with groups that each took their way of “work”. And our guys from atimaidan got into the building as hunted hares. But what I also want to mention that some guys from our antimaidan just passed by the building. They did not come into the building. By the way, I have to say that they looked like some criminals.

So the people inside of the building were in trap. Guys from Pravyy sector started throwing Molotov’s inside of the building. Some started shooting into the windows of the building. So nobody could get out. And I want to say that most of these people were young guys even about 16 years old and even girls most with our national flags. They look quite strange with tattoos and with filmy eyes. And I tried to talk to them and convince not to burn and destroy everything. It was build by our fathers and I asked them what you built in your life. And one of the young men answered me pure Ukrainian: I built a church. And I asked him if he was taught there to burn and kill.

So there was such a fuss but I also want to mention that I saw depute Yusov there with a bat and he gave instructions there… he is the head of Klichko office here in Odessa region. I asked him to stop his assailant… he just smiled me back the our Ukrainian channel reporte came there and he wanted to interview me but those radicals did not let me do that and pressed me back from Yusov whom I was trying to talk. One of those radicals, a woman hit me itтещ breast sying to kill… to kill.. provoking others for it and I understood I could not answer her as so it would provoke even more aggression to me And I was sure they would beet me. I just ried to be polite and asked her why she wanted to kill me…. why.. And themn some guy wearin a mask came to me and whispered that he would kill me and then my husband tried to take me out of there. But then they circle me again and this lady started to hit me again.. But at this moment some guy wearing baseball cap and a beard told them to let me out and and told my husband to take me out there. I walked away not sure if could get out of here or I would be caught somewhere further from this place…

And what I was also shocked with was that this Yusov was with other neat dressed guys instructing the youth there and they even took photos on the burning building background. What people can do that?? Only fascists … People from the burning building jumped out and these radicals beat them down there… They surrounded that correspondent of Inter channel and shouted – Slava Ukrain, Heroyam Slava. Nation is above all! There were also girls who spoke Ukrainian and they had everything prepared there for medical help. They were ready and prepared for everything. Everything seemed to be planned and set for this situation. Everyone from those radicals had his task in all this. Most of the young boys and girls were just fussing around and served mostly to show that there were Odessa people who were the most part of the crowd and they told me that I was not from Odessa.

One more side of this tragedy happened should be mentioned our police work. Actually there was no work. Before the radicals came to Kulikovo Pole the police just got away from here. And it looked like they were given such a command not prevent radicals from their actions. The same was with firemen the station of which just in 500 hundred meters from there. Everything seemed to happen by some scenario. I have to mention that appeared some information by Russian TV that there were children inside of the building, but I have to say it is not true and the TV steams with chidren running near there were made probably earlier. But I can assure that there was no children Just want to show as it is and I know that someone just wants us, Slavic people, Ukrainian and Russians and fight against each other. I do not want this to happen. I also want to say that the depute Markin was killed there; he died of blood loss being shot. They say he could not be taken out of the building. He is the only depute who wanted to let the referendum. I also want to say that our police head insisted on taking away the radical from Odessa. They organized these check points for “protecting” Odessa. And most of them were the radicals from Maidan, mostly from the Western Ukraine. The head of Odessa police, Mr. Lutsyuk, told about it to our governor and he said that these people can cause big problems for Odessa and he pointed out that Odessa was a peaceful city and we could cope without any out help. But no effect and no reaction from Mr. Nemirovsky, our governor just said that these people could help us in protecting Odessa. I was at the funerals of depute Markin and came to our mayor who was also there and asked him what depute Yusov was doing among those radicals that day. But he only said that I had some people saying that saw him there but did not know if it was true. I told him everything that I saw and Yusov just smiled at me carrying hi bat… So the Mayor asked if I was going to witness and say it in the court we would call you. I told him that I would but no call to me since.

It is something unbelievable what is happening in our country right now. We did not like the regime of Yanukovich but the people who got the power in such a way and act this way do not have any future.

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